The Ilyiniches founders of the Mir castle

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Genealogy of the family of Ilyinichs is known thanks to the studies of J.Y.Yodkovsky. But he did not specify the sources which would confirm trustworthiness of the facts mentioned by him. There is a need to have more accurate information as a museum exposition is being created now in Mir castle.

The following materials were used for this purpose:
Certificates applying the history of South and West Russia; Certificates applying the history of West Russia; materials of the National historical archives of Belarus; monographs by V.V. Kalnin (which deal with Mir castle) and by A.N. Narbut (about the history of Belarussian families). Studies by K. Nesetsky and S. Vysloukhy are also of scientific interest.
Some information was specified and new facts were found in the course of our work. The previous scheme by J.Y. Yodkovsky was almost completely preserved and completed.
According to J.Y. Yodkovsky, Ilyinichs were a magnate family (coat of arms “Korchak”) well known in the Great Lithuanian Principality in the 15th-16th centuries. Ivan is considered to be the founder of the family. He and his descendants were called Ilyinichs by the name of their forefather Ilya who was freed by Duke Vitovt from providing carts for the government what was confirmed in a charter issued by king Kasimir Yagellon in 1447........

History of the Castle

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